Rotating Control Devices

With a Rotating Control Device (RCD), the stripper rubber or sealing element rotates with the drill string, while a robust steel housing and bearing assembly provide control of the flow by diverting the drill cuttings, fluids, and gases away from the rig. The RCD is typically mounted on top of the annular BOP beneath the rig floor. Cuttings and fluids are channeled into the mud return system through the flow line. The critical components of all RCDs are the means by which a seal is accomplished between the drill string and the bearing assembly. 

RCD technology has become a key element in many drilling programs. Advantages include the lower drilling costs, faster penetration rates, and reduced mud volume and/or density requirements associated with underbalanced drilling (UBD). Arch Rental is committed to improving worker safety and protecting the environment. The use of an RCD prevents the unexpected release of gas during a kick, which affords an enhanced level of safety for the rig crew. The RCD is also an integral part of a closed loop drilling system, which eliminates the need for potentially hazardous open pits.