Rental & Service:

Arch Rental:
63 Springfield Avenue
Washington, PA 15214
Phone: 724-228-1220
(After 5:00pm and on weekends: 724-579-4328 or 724-344-0938)
Fax: 724-228-8912

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Meet our qualified, tenacious, and attentive Sales Team

Brad Bruce Outside Sales Rep

Customer service guru
Father of three
Never late for dinner
Horse whisperer

Mark Moyar Inside Sales Manager

Proud Papa
Has 2 speeds: Full throttle & sleep
Able to eat anything & everything
Pro poker player (Semi-retired)

Joe Proia Equipment Repair Extraordinaire

Fastest ratchet in the east
Part-time lounge singer
Never gives up on a good vacuum
He knows a guy…

Bob Judy Outside Sales Rep

Family Man
Follow-Up Ace
Pitt Alumni
Harley Enthusiast

Justin Hoy Outside Sales Rep

Busy as a Bee
Dad-of-the-year Nominee
Leaves no stone unturned
Has a green thumb

Mosley #1 Arch Rental Supporter

Loves his mama
Sleeps 22 hours a day
Favorite snack = carrots
40% Introvert, 60% Extrovert