Series 1352 Weld On Surface Equipment 16″ – 30″

The Washington Series 1352, weld-on surface equipment, is an innovative response to new requests from the field. The bowls are designed for 16″ – 30″ casing and can utilize either our 1300 or 1400 Series rotating control device. The new “True Bore” 30″ bowl with split bearing adapter will allow for the use of large diameter tools, up to 283/4“. Additionally, you can use the weld-on bowl for your entire casing program by simply changing out the lower portion to match your respective casing size. Casing runners are available for all bowl sizes and will seal from 7″ to 20” casing, depending on the bowl that is utilized.

Available Outlets

71/16 – 3M

9 – 3M

11 – 3M

Series 1352 Weld On Equipment

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