Series 1352 Custom-Height “Tall Boy” Bowl (11″ – 16 3/4“)

The Washington Series 1352 custom-height “Tall Boy” bowl is an innovative solution for creating additional height between the annular and air-bowl to achieve the desired height for the flow line. Traditionally accomplished through the use of a spacer spool, Arch Rental’s Tall Boy is designed to custom height specifications to simplify the rigging-up process by requiring one less “nipple up”. The Tall Boy comes standard with a slotted inlet flange, to your desired hole pattern, allowing versatility in the angle of the flow line. Perhaps the greatest advantage of the Tall Boy is the cost-savings opportunity. Spacer spools are accompanied by hefty daily rental fees or up-front prices in addition to a conventional air-bowl’s fee. The Tall Boy negates the cost of the spacer spool and can be rented through Arch Rental for the same day rate as a 1300 or 1400 series, plus a minimal up-front fabrication fee.

Available Outlet Flanges

Ring Gasket

71/16” – 3000R-45

9″ – 3000R-49

11″ – 3000R-53

Paper Gasket

8″ 150 ANSI8″ Paper Gasket

10″ 150 ANSI10″ Paper Gasket

Series 1352 Custom-Height “Tall Boy” Bowl (11″ – 16 3/4“)

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