Series HYD

Custom-Height Air Bowl Featuring Hydraulic Clamp Actuation

Arch Rental is proud to provide another RCD solution that enables a safer and more streamlined work environment. Building off of the success of the Custom-Height Air Bowl System, the Series HYD capitalizes on the elimination of unnecessary spools by also eliminating manual clamp rig-up time. It also eradicates the danger associated with working beneath the rig floor.

Using Arch Rental’s Hydraulic Clamp Control Cabinet, which simply requires a rig air supply, the rig crew can manipulate the clamp as well as monitor the status and operating pressure of the clamping system.

The Hydraulic Clamp Package is available for all Arch Rental Custom-Height Air Bowl units. Call your sales representative today for more details.

Contact the Arch Rental Sales Team at 724.228.1220 to learn more about the various options and dimensions for our Series HYD.